Martin with a salmon in a net

Martin Llewellyn – the guy holding the fish. Nominally in charge.

Postdoctorate associates:
Alessandro Bussetti

PhD Students:


Philipp Schwabl (2016 – ) is interested in analytical bio-geography centered on tropical disease ecology at both the phenotypic and genotypic level. His past studies (BS: avian fire ecology; MS: avian malaria and endocrine condition) explored links between spatial and physiological variation in wildlife populations. Philipp now takes in human dimensions of disease ecology for his PhD, assessing population genomics of Chagas disease agents with bio-informatic and spatial modelling tools to predict epidemic risk with the Llewellyn lab.


Luis (Enrique) Hernandez (2016 – ) is a CONACyT (Mexico) PhD student in the lab. His research focuses on the use of molecular epidemiology and mathematical modelling tools to understand infectious disease transmission dynamics. Enrique’s PhD project is based in Loja province, Ecuador.


Eleanor (Elle) Lindsay (2016 -) is interested in physiology, welfare and behaviour. Currently her PhD focuses on the gut microbiota of Atlantic salmon and its link with host metabolism, physiology and behaviour via microbiological methods. By amplifying bacterial 16S rRNA, Elle aims to explore the Atlantic salmon gut microbiota in the hope of improving aquaculture sustainability. She is interested in links between the gut microbiota and host behaviour and the mechanisms behind this and is therefore hoping to explore this further!



Masters students:


Marianthi Varka (2016 – 2017) is a MRes (IBAHCM) student in the lab. Her research focuses on fish performance/fitness and how it is linked to the intestinal microbiome of salmonids.

Salem Sueto

Leonie Maier


Visiting Researchers:


Michele De Noia (2015) – Visiting MSc student, population genomics of Lepeophtheirus salmonis in the North East Atlantic. University of Padua


Márlon Grégori Flores Custódio (2016) Biologist, MSc in computational modeling, working with Transcriptome analysis. Now, is Phd Student working  with Leishmaniasis transcriptome in the amazon region. The objective of the project is to understand the relationship between the pathogen and the man, through the transcriptome of lesion caused by leishmaniasis.


Maria-Augusta Dario (2016) Visiting PhD student working with Trypansoma sp. diversity in bats and bloodmeal source in triatomines. From the Laboratório de Biologia de Tripanosomatídeos/IOC, Oswaldo Cruz Fondation (Fiocruz, Brazil).


Marta Paterno (2016) Visiting PhD student – Master degree in Evolutionary Biology (University of Padua), working on genetic connectivity and population genomics of marine invertebrates related to the CoCoNET project (



Gemma Kennedy (2015) – Visiting MSc Student working on Trypanosoma cruzi genomics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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